“Mom, someone hurt me” — What She Said Next Matters a Lot

When something novel happens babies and small children will look to their parents to see how they should react. Their parent’s reaction then serves as a guide for how they should respond to this new thing or situation. From their parent’s reaction the baby will be trying to interpret whether this experience is safe, dangerous,…

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What is Emotional Abuse?

“He never hit me or anything.” “They weren’t that bad.” Does that sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. I often hear these statements from my therapy clients. They might be referencing their parents or a previous partner. The content displays the same thought process: And if I wasn’t abused then the things my therapist…

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Trauma Imposter Syndrome: Everyone has it worse than me

I was recently listening to a client invalidate her experience of emotional abuse in childhood by the “other people had it worse than me” sentiment and it dawned on me what we were dealing with here was not a passing thought but a full-blown strategy – one with gnarly roots and gangly, thorned branches. And…

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