Adjunctive EMDR Intensive Therapy

What is Adjunctive Therapy?

We have all worked with clients who seem to come so far in their healing journey and then for some reason seem to stall. I know - I’ve been there!

I work collaboratively with other psychotherapists when their client is ready to process traumatic or difficult experiences. EMDR intensives can help your client get “unstuck”.

In adjunctive therapy, you continue to work with your client in the time leading up to the intensive, helping them prepare, and continue working with them following the intensive. This can be great particularly for therapist and client teams that have built a strong relationship and want to continue working on other therapeutic material.

How do I know if my Client is a Good Fit?

I am happy to consult with you to help determine whether your client might be a good fit for an EMDR intensive. Here are some general commonalities among clients who tend to do well with this model:

They have a busy life or career that makes regular, weekly therapy appointments challenging to schedule.

They are highly motivated.

They are feeling stuck and have a hunch that it might be something from the past causing the stuckness.

They relate to the idea of “ripping off the bandaid” vs peeling it off slowly.

They have learned many coping skills and are ready now to face traumatic experiences to achieve healing.

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I find it useful to send my website to your client so they can begin to get a sense of who I am and the work we can do together.

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